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LED + Light Asia 2015 Click on exhibitor names for more info!

The Trade Show for LED+Lighting in Singapore
Company Booth Country
AstralPool Australia C18 Australia
Australian Innovative Systems C17 Australia
Dincel Construction System Pty Ltd B07 Australia
Maytronics Ltd C23 Australia
SPLASH! Magazine C21 Australia
Waterco Limited C22 Australia
TZ Tischlerzentrum Austria GesmbH F16 Austria
Palmex International Inc. D18 Canada
Bolin Technologies K15 China
Foshan Electrical and Lighting Co., Ltd A10 China
Fujian Water Power Fire Control Complete Equipment Co., Ltd T46 China
Guangdong Jingben Electrical Industrial Co., Ltd A14 China
Guangzhou Bestsafe Lock Technology Co., Ltd. T30 China
Qingdao Maoyuan Parking Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd. B07 China
Shandong Dingliang Fire Technology Co., Ltd K27 China
Shanghai Damuite Exhibition Service Co., Ltd K32 China
Shanghai Pengchen Fire-Fighting Equipment Co., Ltd K31 China
Shanghai Tongtai Fire & Security Technology Co., Ltd. T36 China
Shanghai Wananda Fire Fighting Equipment Co., Ltd. T36 China
Taizhou Hongan Firefighting Equipment Co., Ltd K29 China
Yingkou Taicheng Technology Development Co., Ltd T52 China
GJD Manufacturing Limited L05 England
Unilite K19 England
ERICH Dieckmann Gmbh F16 Germany
HEWI Heinrich Wilke Gmbh F16 Germany
Reckli Gmbh F23 Germany
WILKA Schliesstechnik Gmbh F16 Germany
Clement Shield Group K30 Hong Kong
Inno-Fame Limited D14 Hong Kong
Unibim Services Pvt. Ltd. H03 India
Arrmet Srl D14 Italy
Tecnovideo S.r.l. L17 Italy
Videotec S.p.a. S32 Italy
Souma Co., Ltd D14 Japan
Yokoi Mfg., Ltd T48 Japan
Dongyang Pc, Inc. B07 Korea
Jangwoo Corporation Q06 Korea
Metaport Corp T32 Korea
Rezontech Co., Ltd K26 Korea
Shin Tech Corporation L19 Korea
Varavon Inc. K15 Korea
Anomax Corp. Ltd. B07 Malaysia
Chun Hoe Trading Sdn Bhd D05 Malaysia
Corporate 21 D08 Malaysia
HID Global K28 Malaysia
Hunter Douglas Malaysia Sdn Bhd F11 Malaysia
THI Hardware Trading Sdn Bhd C11 Malaysia
Hunter Douglas Europe F11 Nederland
Cameleo D14 Poland
Aaron Composite Pte Ltd R20 Singapore
ADP Tech Pte Ltd L05 Singapore
ADSEC Singapore Pte Ltd K09 Singapore
Adtec Enterprise Pte Ltd R22 Singapore
Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Association of Singapore STAS Lounge Singapore
Akrobat Pte Ltd R03 Singapore
Allianz Media (S) Pte Ltd D06 Singapore
Anacle Systems Pte Ltd C03 Singapore
Arc Floor Pte Ltd G23 Singapore
Asahi Security Technologies (S) Pte Ltd J19 Singapore
AX Coleman Pte Ltd L17 Singapore
Blimp.db Pte. Ltd. F06 Singapore
Bricomp International Pte Ltd M05 Singapore
Calmic Trading Company A10 Singapore
Canon Singapore Pte Ltd S32 Singapore
CHH Construction System Pte Ltd J11 Singapore
Chun Hoe Pte Ltd D05 Singapore
Current Pte Ltd B07 Singapore
Datumstruct Solutions Pte Ltd H10 Singapore
Delta Technology Pte Ltd R09 Singapore
Denso International Asia Pte Ltd K18 Singapore
Design, Construct & Build (DC&B) F19 Singapore
Dou Yee Engineering Pte Ltd S32 Singapore
Dyson Singapore Pte Ltd F17 Singapore
Egner Building Technologies Pte Ltd H05 Singapore
Elid Technology International Pte Ltd R12 Singapore
Elide Fireball Singapore Q08 Singapore
Elmich Pte Ltd E05 Singapore
Employment and Employability Institute Pte Ltd T38 Singapore
Estron Marketing Pte Ltd E09 Singapore
Eversafe Extinguisher Pte Ltd K23 Singapore
Exsto Asia Pte Ltd H09 Singapore
Fire Armour Pte Ltd R05 Singapore
Flexitek Pte Ltd K06 Singapore
FLIR Systems, Inc S32 Singapore
Fluidra Singapore C18 Singapore
FM One Management Pte Ltd L06 Singapore
Fung Yip Electrical (S) Pte Ltd H08 Singapore
G.M. 2000 Impex Pte Ltd G04 Singapore
Galmon (S) Pte Ltd R04 Singapore
GM 2000 Pte Ltd G11 Singapore
Graphisoft Singapore H02 Singapore
Greenology Pte Ltd D22 Singapore
Greenseal Products (S) Pte Ltd G22 Singapore
Hak Kian Enterprise Pte Ltd F10 Singapore
Hanman International Pte Ltd S24 Singapore
Hitachi Asia Ltd. K05 Singapore
Hitachi Elevator Asia Pte Ltd F05 Singapore
Hong Chek Company Pte Ltd B06 Singapore
Huatong Cables (S) Pte Ltd C02 Singapore
Hunter Douglas Singapore Pte Ltd F11 Singapore
Impact Lifestyle Inc. Pte Ltd F22 Singapore
Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore K22 Singapore
Inter-Oriental (Thomas Lai) Asia Pacific Pte Ltd F16 Singapore
International Furniture Fair Singapore D04 Singapore
International Powered Access Federation G03 Singapore
ISC-Controls Services K19 Singapore
ISOTEC Project Logistics & Consulting Pte Ltd G18 Singapore
Jestac Pte Ltd D03 Singapore
Jia Ying Trading Pte Ltd J17 Singapore
JVC Kenwood Singapore Pte Ltd L15 Singapore
Kavelin Distribution Pte Ltd R14 Singapore
K-entertainment Event Pte Ltd A10 Singapore
Laticrete South East Asia Pte Ltd G17 Singapore
LED Lighting Pte Ltd A10 Singapore
LORIN Pte Ltd L18 Singapore
Mag Lit Pte Ltd B05 Singapore
Magneto Power Pte Ltd S06 Singapore
Maytronics C23 Singapore
Medios Associate Pte Ltd K15 Singapore
Metcol Pte Ltd J15 Singapore
Micro Builders Association, Singapore STAS Lounge Singapore
MMF Timber Hub Pte Ltd S18 Singapore
Multron Systems Pte Ltd R18 Singapore
Netzach Wood Veneers Pte Ltd G19 Singapore
Nexus Industries Pte Ltd S02 Singapore
NS Bluescope Lysaght Singapore Pte Ltd F07 Singapore
Oracle Corporation (Singapore) Pte Ltd H04 Singapore
Planon Asia Pte Ltd K33 Singapore
Real Estate Developers’ Association of Singapore REDAS Lounge Singapore
Roof & Façade D02 Singapore
Roxwell Pte Ltd J16 Singapore
Salto Systems Asia Pte Ltd K09 Singapore
Secom (Singapore) Pte Ltd K09 Singapore
SecureCom Solutions Pte Ltd L16 Singapore
Security Industry Institute Q10 Singapore
Security Systems Association of Singapore J06 Singapore
Shred-it Singapore Pte Ltd J07 Singapore
Singapore Building Materials Suppliers Association STAS Lounge Singapore
Singapore Electrical Contractors and Licensed Electrical Workers Association STAS Lounge Singapore
Singapore Electrical Trade Association STAS Lounge Singapore
Singapore Furniture Industries Council STAS Lounge Singapore
Singapore Glass Association STAS Lounge Singapore
Singapore Institute of Architects SIA Lounge Singapore
Singapore Institution of Safety Officers K07 Singapore
Singapore Plumbing Society STAS Lounge Singapore
Singapore Sanitary Ware Importers & Exporters Association STAS Lounge Singapore
Skytech Shares (Singapore) Pte Ltd Q12 Singapore
SmartBuild Asia F18 Singapore
Song-Cho (Imp & Exp) Pte Ltd S20 Singapore
Specialists Trade Alliance of Singapore STAS Lounge Singapore
Spiraltech Pte Ltd K04 Singapore
Syspex Technologies Pte Ltd B11 Singapore
Termi-mesh Singapore Pte Ltd F04 Singapore
The Singapore Contractors Association Ltd C20 Singapore
The Singapore Lift & Escalator Contractors and Manufacturers Association STAS Lounge Singapore
TR Formliners Pte Ltd F23 Singapore
Trade Link Media D10 Singapore
Tradesk Pte Ltd G05 Singapore
uberGARD Pte Ltd K09 Singapore
Unibim Services Pte Ltd H03 Singapore
Vodapruf Pte Ltd H07 Singapore
Waterco International Pte Ltd C22 Singapore
Wireless Marketing Pte Ltd L15 Singapore
Work Safe and Health Asia K20 Singapore
Workplace Safety & Health Council D12 Singapore
Zoom Tech Pte Ltd J18 Singapore
Day Sun Technology Ltd. T44 Taiwan
Digiever Corporation S32 Taiwan
Kaoten Scientific Co., Ltd L05 Taiwan
Taipei Building Show C08 Taiwan
OncamGradeye K09 United Kingdom
Power Flare International K19 United States of America
Allianz Network Vietnam D06 Vietnam